by wildmen



released November 20, 2012



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wildmen regina, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: Headin' north
Well I left my heart back in Regina, I’m heading north towards Highway 3, because a pretty blue eyed girl said she would not marry me. Twenty minutes onto Lumsden where I bent my back to pay the bar, theres St. Louis in the headlights where I learnt to pick guitar. Well it’s a long and bumpy road, but I've travelled it before - I’m heading north to where the people hear my song. Where the farms battle the aspen and the wind hides in the waves. Where the winter sends the men unto there lonely graves, well some folks told me a tale of a woman dressed in white, so I will be rigging up a sail and travelling through the night. I’m heading north to where the people hear my song. I’m heading north. I’m heading north to where the people hear my song. Well it is here I learnt to live, all my worries they moved on, down a river we do call the North Saskatchewan. Make it better, make it work, we lose the time but gain the fun, so pack your bags and come with me we are headed north to highway three. I’m headed North to where the people hear my song. I’m heading north. I’m heading north to where the people hear my song.
Track Name: I may not come home
I may not come home for weeks at a time, but don’t worry darlin’, I’m probably fine. I don’t think I’m dying, at least not just yet, down here on the pavement, covered in newsprint. I’m filthy and I’m tired but I’m whole. I’m drunk and I’m broke, but I guess that’s why we thank god for chords. I may not come outta this one alive, so tonight, let’s go dancing, let’s drink this town dry. Let’s raise hell like old times, let’s kiss god with a smile. Don’t ever forget you were mine – if there’s one thing I ever did right. ‘Cause they’ll help you up, just so they can knock you back down again. They’ll smile at you ‘cause they know you’re a fool. Like lost souls searching downtown for a cigarette, with the buffalo gone there’s no more wild west. No more action, just acting, no more passion, just fancies, we just die of, don’t die for. Despite all of our riches we’re poor. So here’s our refrain: our poor judgement, our bad taste. Here’s to when we still thought we could be saved. So keep your head up, try to stay sober enough to walk – it’s all that we’ll have at the end of the day.
Track Name: They shoot horses, don't they?
We’re out of bluster when the lights come up, the crowd starts shifting towards the door. So raise your glass and try to force a laugh, ‘cause in the morning this’ll hurt. They were the golden girls of yesteryear. We used to be those good-time boys. But we got lost somewhere, we grew up, and now we play musical chairs. And the band plays the last chords of a song they’re sick of singing, the last dancers, trying to stay on their feet.

...and I’ve been riding that fine line again, between righteousness and sin. In dreams, I burn down that no-tell motel cathouse that you’ve been living in. And I’ve got papers for the border, and I could make it there by dawn, so one last drink and one last cigarette, and I’ll decide before I’m done. And the band plays the last chords of a song they’re sick of singing, the last dancers, trying to stay on their feet. Well, they shoot horses, don’t they, when they turn into meat? I kinda wish they’d do the same for you and me.
Track Name: Ketamine
I can stay for a while but I gotta be gone by the morning. It’s my second offence and I ain’t getting off with a warning. Try to leave again, but my body ain’t moving. It’s happened before: I’m paralyzed and it’s soothing. I don’t have to go anywhere, I can live my life from my easy chair, and you, you don’t have to worry. It’s happened before, and this time’s a little blurry. I don’t drink anymore, but I keep recognizing the texture: the taste and the smell, but those low feelings are extra. I know I don’t need no more, so spare me the lecture. The ease of pleasure obtained, I’m feeling the pressure.
Track Name: Trans-Canada
From methadone clinics to the assembly lines, we work behind bars or at rooftop heights. I’m down on my luck, and drinking again, been coughing up blood and I’m behind on the rent. While you’re on Transcanada number one, I’m here Saskatchewan, blackout drunk. And all of my friends are up on charges or gone, but I’m gonna stay here where my grandfather farmed. Well, I just woke up, and got outta bed to a fortyfive pointed right at my head. Things have gotten worse, since you left. I lost my job and I’m on house arrest. I’ve heard all the hype about selling your soul – the worst part’s finding out just how little it’s worth.
Track Name: Road Kings
You have got to find yourself a good young girl, before they’re all long gone. Young men never marry, old men always wish they had. Never wanna settle, but baby, being lonely gets to be a drag. Well, my girl said “marry me.” Well, my girl, she said “Marry me. If you’re going on the road so long, don’t be leaving me here at home, unless you’re gonna marry me.” I was done with drinking, ‘til those goddamn shakes set in. With all my shit in boxes, seemed like a good time to begin. Bought a beat-up Road King instead of a wedding ring. Diamonds are forever, and shit like that just makes me need a drink.